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Media: White Memorex DVD+R 4.7Gb
Package: Clear DVD box w/ high quality laser-printed full color cover + booklet

This is a special offer: a collection of every release from tube001 to tube075 + some bonus stuff (it's a secret) recorded into one DVD beautifully packaged in 10 different flora-themed sleeve designs to choose from!

Roughly 400 tracks/40 hours of excellent music from the 5 continents, ranging from pop-rock/dancefloor radio-friendly tunes to experimental, minimal, drone and improv. electronic and acoustic music. Really eclectic stuff!

When you place your order, state your cover sleeve preference in the 'optional details' field. The available sleeve designs are (choose wisely :) :

#01 - Cannabis Sativa L.
#02 - Calluna Vulgaris Salisbury
#03 - Blitum Capitatum L.
#04 - Anthemis Arvensis L.
#05 - Spiraea Salicifolia L.
#06 - Limodorum Abortivum Invartz
#07 - Adonis Vernalis L.
#08 - Calla Palustris L.
#09 - Orchis Maculata L.
#10 - Nigritella Angustifolia R.


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