Runtime: 43'30''

«Thrystero is actually Bo Vibe, born in the Year of the Boar in Northern Norway. After learning how to handle 6 strings in Los Angeles, wrestling post-structuralists in London and climbing cultural walls in Berlin, he now calls Barcelona home. Guitar, piano,voice and field recordings form the basis of Thrystero's "organic electronica". "Organic" alluding to both tools and methods as the project's goal is to explore the timbres of the surrounding environment (wood, metal, water, doors, railway, river, etc.) and the character of the instruments reacting within to it. Each piece grows from a dynamic relation between composition and improvisation and may follow set harmonic principles or stray completely from the "set", bound only by a certain flow emanating from a reaction between "the field" (city, river, room) and the tool. The "field" in the case of the tracks here is Berlin - from the intimacy of the creaking floorboards of Thrystero's loft to the majesty of the city streets.»
- Thrystero


01 Outer chamber
  [9'38'' • 15,3Mb • 320Kbps]
02 1st chamber
  [10'02'' • 16,9Mb • 320Kbps]
03 2nd chamber
  [7'47'' • 13,6Mb • 320Kbps]
04 3rd chamber
[9'49'' • 16,7Mb • 320Kbps]
05 Inner chamber
  [6'14'' • 11,4Mb • 320Kbps]
  [PDF-Zip • 4,41Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 48,8Mb]


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