Runtime: 18'44''

«Hello fellow listeners and followers. Our dear friend and contributor Rico Püstel is back with more awesome guitar synthesizing and drum looping galore!
This is the sequel to the original 'Marquee Strat' release, that test tube put out last year.

Rico has also made two videos which are sort of a 'Making of' of this work. You can find them here and here.

Perfect sounds and rhythms for this hot summer! Just sit back and enjoy.
- test tube


01 In The Vault
  [0'49'' • 2,23Mb • 320Kbps]
02 Parabnormal Owl
  [5'00'' • 11,8Mb • 320Kbps]
03 Dross
  [0'36'' • 1,75Mb • 320Kbps]
04 The Yonder Kept Me Close
[4'23'' • 10,4Mb • 320Kbps]
05 Hive
  [1'19'' • 3,39Mb • 320Kbps]
06 The Boat Shed
  [6'04'' • 14,2Mb • 320Kbps]
07 Left
  [0'33'' • 1,61Mb • 320Kbps]
  [PDF-Zip • 4,41Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 48,8Mb]


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©2011 Rico Püstel
©2012 test tube

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