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«After numerous plaudits for his last album 'Alchemical Wanderings' we welcome something new from Fescal; for those who don't know, he is a British musician currently living in South Korea and a producer of attractively ageless music. Don' t forget to pick up a copy of his latest album and watch out for a summer CD release on Twiceremoved Records (Australia). While you're at it, be sure to grab his previous release here at test tube, 'Into the Atmosphere'.

Back to this release; 'Paralysis' is characterized by feelings of a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past; full of subtle harmonic distortions and static hiss; throwing the listener to some place back into his memories. This short piece is the perfect example why one calls this kind of music 'nostalgic'. It evokes nostalgia. We get to travel back without leaving the present, to relive some moment, most times just a feeling of loss, of detaching from something we miss. A missing from a past (or future) feeling, perfectly translated into sound. Were it a longer piece, and I might have got trapped back there.»
- test tube


01 Paralysis
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«Fescal vuelve a Test Tube con esta pieza maravillosa de catorce minutos y medio de ambient profundo e hipnótico, además con ese toque de frecuencias semi distorsionadas leves y ruidos que le da una historia o contexto a cada minuto que transcurre en la obra. Una atmósfera va abriéndose paso muy lentamente sintiéndose cada vez mas limpia y nítida, despojándose de sonidos oscuros y ruidos experimentales. Muy Recomendable
- Triangular [Música Selection] / April 30, 2012

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