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«Yara is a relatively new artist coming from Russia but already has a few releases laying around the web. His music revolves around ambient dub-ish pieces with emphasis on the ambient side. There is also some clever while subtle use of voice samples. 'Lucid Dream' is the perfect foreground/background style constructed ambient release. You can listen to the background frame being played, a rhythmic layer of ambient drones and harmonic details while the foreground offers a lot of clear sounds, mainly found sounds and voice samples. This works quite good at giving you a realistic image of what you're hearing, kind of like in a 'real life sounds with soundtrack underneath' kind of way.

You rarely hear a beat, there's only a few syncopated bass 'hums' throughout the tracks - and very present on 'Freshness of being' - that set the pace in a way that your brain understands them as rhythm.

A very nice release that thrives on the repeat mode of your player. It just begs for a full LP in a near future (we can always hope).»
- test tube


01 Far away
  [4'48'' • 11,2Mb • 320Kbps]
02 Freshness of being
  [5'04'' • 11,8Mb • 320Kbps]
03 Insomnia
  [7'20'' • 17,0Mb • 320Kbps]
  [PDF-Zip • 2,88Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 30,5Mb]


«I’ve been following the music of YARA since his very first release on the wonderful Elpa #netlabel back in 2010. His style of electronic music is highly technoid and analytic, just like he’s searching for the very soul of machines to drag them into a dull sun and give them a voice.
His latest EP called ‘Lucid Dream’ presents a warmer side of his work. Combining field recordings, voice samples and Dub-esque chords and sounds, Yara opens the door to a very minimal and dark instrumentation. This is the sound of abandoned factories.»
- Thomas Raukamp / February 22, 2012

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