Runtime: 13'06''

«Our long time friend and collaborator Mikel Martínez from Spain is back with another deliciously fragile collection of 'folktronica' songs, for your enjoyment.
Night Loops is a new EP - small in size but big at heart - from Aitänna77, written and performed using Lo-fi production standards, round and furry beats, timid keyboards and echoing strings. Only as an Aitänna77 release can be.

Also, don't forget to check out all Aitänna77's previous releases. Use this for reference.»
- test tube


01 Empty pool, summer girl
  [3'25'' • 8,04Mb • 320Kbps]
02 Dreams or memories
  [3'03'' • 7,23Mb • 320Kbps]
03 Tomorrow, Alain Leroy
  [3'05'' • 7,29Mb • 320Kbps]
04 This useless aqua-lung
[3'34'' • 8,38Mb • 320Kbps]
  [PDF-Zip • 2,62Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 32,3Mb]


«Aitänna77 is far from being a stranger here at resurface and it’s lovely to once again encounter his musical output. This time around on the (by the look of things unstoppable) Portuguese Test Tube net label, currently racking up 247 something releases the past 8 years or so. ‘Night Loops’ is number 246 and it is an in all aspects excellent four track release; featuring the patented quirky little melodies, the varied instrumentation, the electronics and the skilfully treated lo-fi production. The tale-tell chimes in ‘Empty Pool, Summer Girl’ and you simply have to love the outrageous bass line and aggressive hand-clap featured in ‘Dreams Or Memories’. It is a delicate as it is excellent! Available at the Test Tube label site.»
- resurface / April 09, 2012

«Sonically illustrative steampunk lullabies; alive with pleasantly twinkling chimes, plucked chords and whispy melodies all intertwined with sparse percussive elements, creating a mechanically soothing ruralism.»
- so_so_gutter [this music is free] / February 14, 2012

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